Brian Charles

Brian Has been producing, writing and performing music in Boston for two decades. He is owner of Zippah Recording Brian has worked with many artists such as The Figgs, The Gigolo Aunts, The Douglas Fir, The Gravy, The Slip, The Uppercrust, Bright Eyes and The Faint to name a few. Brian is also known as long time producer and part-time guitarist of the indie famed “emo- core” band The Sheila Divine. In addition to producing and engineering, Brian is very proficient in song-craft, and arranging.

Annie Hoffman

A graduate of Berklee College Of Music, Annie has been a staff engineer since February 2010.In addition to assisting/co-engineering on Brian’s sessions, Annie has built up an impressive client base of her own. She has been known to play bass guitar on sessions from time to time (as she is very good), and can also be found keeping things in control in the Zippah office.

James Zaner

James Zaner is a Grammy nominated engineer who cut his teeth as the chief engineer at Blue Jay Studios in Carlisle, Ma. He is commonly referred to around here as “The Ninja” because of his lightning-quick Pro Tools skills. In addition to his incredible engineering abilities, James is also one heck of a drummer! You might want to check out his band “The Shills”.